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Bluebird to Beat Superbugs - 13/02/2008

Clean Air for Bluebirds Passengers

Transport Charity Bluebird Community Partnership is to install revolutionary technology to ensure that its’ passengers remain safe from infections such as MRSA and c-diff. Bluebird regularly take passengers between the Princess Royal and Royal Sussex County hospitals as well as to and from local medical centres and surgeries.
The Units supplied by Cuckfield company Rokenergie are called FreshAirToGo and are designed to keep people safe from so called hospital super-bugs but also purify the air to alleviate the symptoms of athsma and hey fever whilst keeping the area free of other allergens.
Bluebird Chief executive Matt Roberts says ‘these units seem to be a real breakthrough in dealing with infections that we have all heard about. They are being trialled by a number of hospitals and we will be the first community transport or patient transport service to offer our passengers this sort of added protection.  In this respect Bluebird has recognised that it can go one step further to help ensure that its’ passengers and drivers are protected by adopting this unique technology in every one of their mini buses’.

The unique FreshAirToGo units that will be used in every BLUEBIRD mini bus, use a technology called Radiant Catalytic Ionisation. The patented technology was originally developed by NASA to scrub their spacecraft and is the ONLY air purification technology in the World to be accredited by the Space Foundation.
The technology utilises UVX light and a photo catalyst target which creates an  advanced Oxidation plasma containing several friendly but extremely powerful oxidisers, hydroxils and hydro peroxides, which ensure that the air within the bus is kept “germ, bacteria and virus – free”.
This includes: MRSA, E.Coli, Norovirus, the Avian flu virus, c.Diff., S.chartarum, S.aureus, Listeria etc
It is also particularly successful at alleviating the distressing symptoms of asthma and hay fever
The unit covers up to 500 square feet and also has a 3-speed fan option.
The system is completely safe.
There are several clinical and medical trials from leading Universities in the States to corroborate these claims which can be accessed together with further information and testimonials concerning  this unique technology by simply  clicking on or calling 0800 8047297.

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