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Bluebird in East Grinstead - 23/07/2012

I August 2010, Bluebird received a call for help from the trustees of EGfleet, the communty transport service run by East Grinstead CVS.

It was feared that the service may fold due to falling usage numbers and the departure of a key member of staff.

Trustees of Bluebird were keen to help and for the month of September 2010 Bluebirds management took over the running of the East Grinstead operation to see if the 2 groups could come together and provide a sustainable future. During this month it became clear that an assimilation of EGfleet into the Bluebird operation could provide a workable solution and a stable future. So in October Bluebird offically took over EGfleet and have been running community trasport in the town since.

The volunteers in East Grinstead have ensured that the service provided has not only maitained the same level of excellent quality they have always given but have done so whilst substatially increasing the amount of passenger journieys though improved coordination and scheduling.

Bluebird have also taken on the trasport provison for Age UK East Grinstead taking people to and from the Swan Mead Centre 3 times weekly and to the Staurday demtia Club on a Saturday. The AUK vehcile is used for other community uses at all other times, enabling Bluebird to take on more group hire work for the towns community groups.

To find out more about Bluebirds services in East Grinstead please call 01444 471919

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