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History of Bluebird


Bluebird began providing community transport services within the West Sussex Association for the Disabled (WSAD) as a volunteer run operation. It was extremely successful and grew very steadily. In 2000 it was decided to re form as a registered charity and a charitable company limited by guarantee. WSAD very generously donated the two minibuses then in use to the newly formed charity.







Our Vision


The charitable remit has not changed but Bluebirds delivery has increased considerably. Bluebird still provides community transport services within the mid Sussex area for those disadvantaged for any reason and who cannot use public transport and in 2010 took on the community transport operations in both Henfield and East Grinstead.

Bluebird continues to work with other charities and voluntary groups who provide services to the same people. Our community Bus service, formally known as Dia-a-Ride, is available for door to door transport which enables individuals to maintain their independence and at the same time be socially involved in the community. Bluebird also provides Group Hire services for groups of members of other charities and voluntary groups. It does also accept contract work provided such work is properly within the charitable remit and currently takes a number of children with Special Educational needs, to and from school. The contribution form these contracts enables us to continue to provide our services to the community 

Bluebird now operates a fleet of 11 accessible vehicles accross the Mid sussex district and around Henfield which provide thousands of passenger journeys annually. 

We run on a firm business footing but only exist to provide a vital transport link to some of the most vulnerable in our community.

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